Meet the family behind the 130 year business.


Co-owner and Chief Executive Officer

Favorite Flower: Cyclamen

“The best part of my job is seeing our loyal and ardent plant loving clients who truly love what the greenhouse has to offer. They become family and it is a joy to see them year after year.”


Co-owner and Chief Executive Officer/Grower

Favorite Flower: Poinsettia

“Being the grower for my family’s business is fulfilling in so many ways. I appreciate the opportunity to serve my community as well as my heritage as we were farmers in Germany.”


Chief Financial Officer

Favorite Flower: Pansies because of their smiling face!

“I love working in the greenhouses because of the seasonal aspect of the job – seeing different crops throughout the year and having a change in scenery.”


Assistant Business Manager

Favorite Flower: Gerbera Daisy. I love the variety of colors that they come in.  The display in the greenhouse is always so cheerful and vibrant.

“The most interesting and fulfilling part of my job is helping to continue our 125 year old family business.”


Production Manager and Assistant Grower

Favorite Flower: Lantana

“I enjoy carrying out our family tradition, having a job where we see the product through, from start to finish. To me, it feels like I am creating ‘living art,’ and that is truly fulfilling to me.”


Chief Brand Officer

Favorite Flower: Sweet Broom. Their beautiful shade of yellow and strong fragrance are so perfect.  They also have a bush like quality to them which I love.

“Working with my family and carrying out our legacy is the most incredible aspect of my job. In addition, working with our clients to build something that is not only beautiful, but also environmentally beneficial, fulfills me on so many levels. Planting, gardening and caring for these live products is an emotional experience. I love tending for the items that will soon be cared for so lovingly by our clients.”


Perennial and Rose Expert

Favorite Flower: Rose (of course)

“After 16 years, I never tire of the changing seasons of plants with their splashes of colors, textures, scents and the way customers’ faces light up when they walk in and see all the beauty and breathe deeply of their heavenly fragrances.”


Project Manager and Sales Associate

Favorite Flower: Evolvulus because of its beautiful blue color and it is easy to grow.

“I like working in a greenhouse because of the beauty challenges every season brings. I also enjoy the interaction with our customers.”


Assistant Grower and Tropical Plant Specialist

Favorite Flower: Can not choose – loves all flowers.

“I love being close to nature all the time. That is my favorite part of my job.”


Retail Associate

Favorite Flower: Tree Peony

“My favorite thing about working int he greenhouse is being in natural light and meeting interesting people.”


Retail Associate

Favorite Flower: Judith Hindle

“I like working in a greenhouse because I get to enjoy the fresh air while I work and watch the plants run through their life cycle.”


Production Associate

Favorite Flower: Geraniums

“I love the solitude of planting, growing and caring for the beauty that we create.”


Production Associate

Favorite Flower: Lantana

“I love working in a greenhouse because I love planting and watching the flowers grow.”


Retail Associate

Favorite Flower: Lavendar

“I love the atmosphere of a greenhouse and the people I work with.”


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